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City of Cape town - Property Valuations


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Thousands of sectional title residential properties may be affected by erroneous categorisation.


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Generally, if an objection has not been lodged there is very little recourse to have the valuation changed or amended.

The Municipal Property Rates Act does provide that in certain cases a supplementary valuation can be compiled by the local municipality:

(refer to section 78 of the Act)

Supplementary valuations are permissable under the following circumstances:-

  • Properties not included in the valuation roll

  • Incorporated into the municipality after the last general valuation (changes to demarcated boundaries)

  • New subdivisions or consolidations

  • The market value of the property has substantially increased or decreased, eg.

    • New buildings
    • Demolitions or destruction of buildings
    • Rezoning


  • Substantially incorrect valuation

  • Revaluation required due to exceptional circumstances such as natural disaster.

In order to have a supplementary valuation compiled by the municipality, it is necessary to submit a memorandum setting out the grounds and reasons as to why a supplementary valuation should be made.

If you have not lodged an objection but feel that your valuation or rates account is incorrect click here.


Please be aware that all prices quoted do not include fees levied by the Municipality.