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City of Cape town - Property Valuations


Frequently asked questions


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City of Joburg, please get your house in order!


Thousands of sectional title residential properties may be affected by erroneous categorisation.


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City of Tshwane notice


Report cable theft and vandalism 


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The objection is first considered by the Municipal Valuer himself!!!!

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Municipal Valuer or if the reasons for his decision are unacceptable, an appeal to the Valuation Appeal Board has to be submitted.

The Valuation Appeal Board is an independent body appointed by Provincial Government


As part of the appeal process Rates Watch will:

  • Prepare the appeal form

  • Lodge the appeal

  • Obtain a receipt for the submission of the objection

  • Send you a copy of the appeal form.

  • Pre trial meetings.

  • Appear at the appearing on your behalf

  • Consideration of the appeal board decision

  • Recommendation to take further action

Please be aware that all prices quoted do not include fees levied by the Municipality.

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