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City of Cape town - Property Valuations


Frequently asked questions


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City of Joburg, please get your house in order!


Thousands of sectional title residential properties may be affected by erroneous categorisation.


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City of Tshwane notice


Report cable theft and vandalism 


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Rates Watch can only undertake the screening of your selected property, after the payment has been received, of the screening cost by yourself.

We will notify you by email advising you of the screening outcome together with a recommendation whether to proceed to submit an objection, or to accept the entry in the valuation roll.

The screening process costs will vary depending on the type of property.

Please note the screening process is not the lodging of an objection. If you require Rates Watch to object on your behalf. you will have to have your property screened and thereafter, depending on the screening result, an objection can be requested.

The screening process will include:

  • Matching of your property to the deeds office records;

  • Matching of your property to the valuation roll;

  • Audit your municipal rates account;

  • Checking of land use and zoning (if available);

  • Checking of size of property;

  • Comparing the municipal value to market indicators; and

  • Recommendation to lodge an objection or apply for a valuation review.

Please be aware that all prices quoted do not include fees levied by the Municipality.


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