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City of Cape town - Property Valuations


Frequently asked questions


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City of Joburg, please get your house in order!


Thousands of sectional title residential properties may be affected by erroneous categorisation.


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City of Tshwane notice


Report cable theft and vandalism 


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Services offered to National Government

  • Compliance audits of the Municipal Property Rates Act

  • Rates Policy and amendments

  • Implementation of supplementary valuations

  • Valuation monitoring

  • Reconciliation of valuation roll to the billing system

  • Objections on behalf of the National Government

  • Lodging appeals on behalf of the National Government

  • Appearing on behalf of the National Government at the appeal board

  • Consulting services regarding the MPRA

Section 3(3) of the Act specifically mentions the aspect of “fairness and equality”

Where properties have been under valued this causes an imbalance between those properties correctly valued and those that have not been correctly valued.

The Act also requires monitoring and there is a duty on the municipality to ensure that the valuation roll submitted is a fair reflection of “Market Value’ across the entire spectrum of properties comprising the valuation roll.