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Decisions of the Ekurhuleni Municipality Municipal Valuer

We have started receiving decisions from the Ekurhuleni Municipal Valuer regarding objections lodged by us, on behalf of our clients. In certain cases we were 100% successful with our objections and in other cases the decision was found to be acceptable. Hence we would not recommend that any further steps be taken regarding the lodging of an appeal.


However, there are some cases where we are unhappy with the decision taken by the Ekurhuleni Municipal Valuer and we have requested written reasons from the Ekurhuleni Municipal Valuer. As soon as we receive these reasons we will notify the appropriate clients telephonically and will also advise them whether or not an appeal should be lodged.


Furthermore, the Ekurhuleni Municipality was obliged to notify us of the decision of their municipal valuer and in certain cases, they advised our clients and not Rates Watch.  If you should receive a decision from the Ekurhuleni Municipal Valuer, we would appreciate it if you could kindly forward the decision to us, for our immediate attention. Rates Watch will only recommend the lodgement of an appeal after the reasons have been carefully considered. 


Please remember that if reasons are requested, they have to be requested within 30 (THIRTY) days of the issuing of the notice and an appeal has to be lodged within 21 (TWENTY ONE) days of the reasons having been issued. 


Best Regards

Your Rates Watch Team