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Week ending 20 September 2009 - Supplementary Valuation Rolls being advertised for objections

Rates Watch your valuation watch dog, have pleasure in advising you of the latest Supplementary Valuation Rolls being advertised, open for inspection and for lodging objections:

Official Name

Major Town

Supplementary No.



Overstrand (WC032)    


3rd Supplementary



Cape Agulhas (WC033) Bredasdorp      

1st Supplementary

City of Cape Town Metro 
Cape Town

5th Supplementary

22/09/2009 31/10/2009
Ethekwini Metro
Durban 5th Supplementary 18/09/2009 30/09/2009
Moses Kotane Local Municipality (NW375) Mogwase 2nd  Supplementary 14/09/2009 30/10/2009


If you would like Rates Watch to check whether your Supplementary Valuation is correct or not, please provide them with your details or alternatively apply for your property to be screened via the Rates Watch website - www.rateswatch.co.za.


The Property Rates Act does allow a property owner to apply to the local authority for a valuation to be reviewed, on condition that the property has been substantially incorrectly valued on the main roll. Rates Watch would also like to inform all subscribers that even if they did not object to the' main roll', but feel that their property has been incorrectly valued, Rates Watch can assist you. They will only object, if on a balance of probabilities there is a reasonable chance of the objection succeeding.



For further assistance regarding your application please email Rates Watch or give them a call on 011 918-0544 and if it is engaged dial 011 918-0237.



Do not run the risk of overpaying on your rates! - Act now by registering on www.rateswatch.co.za or send your property details and request to register@rateswatch.co.za or fax 086 504 7725.


Visit the website at www.rateswatch.co.za to view the latest news and legislation.


Regards from your Rates Watch Team

Clive Massel

Ben Espach

Kokkie Herman